Sunday, April 8, 2012

April 8th CavemanPottery

Today on the daily listing club we are featuring Caveman Pottery  Here you will find  roosters, eggheads, longneck roosters,and the very popular anti-soggy soapdishes. Caveman Pottery says 'all of our items are hand built or hand turned. Lots of love goes into the making and packaging of every piece. We have somewhat of an eclectic style when it comes to life which you will see in our artwork. Keep checking back with us because we are always adding new things!'

Here are some treasuries made by the team that are inspired by CavemanPottery. For the Caveman made by buttonalia LoveNYarn , Let's have some Wine FrogHollowGlass, With A Sense of Humor
GThreads - Hand Made Is The Game intentionalglass - Mostly Roosters and I made Down At The Farm

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