Monday, April 9, 2012

April 9th GThread and GoldenThreadSupplies

In the Daily Listing Club today we are featuring a lovely lady today who has 2 Etsy shops  GThreads and GoldenThreadSupplies In GThreads are some beautiful handstitched works of art, as they are one of a kind once their gone, they're gone. If you like to stitch yourself she also has a supply shop for all you need.

GT says 'Golden Threads or GT was a retail store which sold supplies for all types of needlework,especially counted cross stitch, specializing in fabric, threads and charts.

In May 2010, GT went on line with a shopping cart specializing in threads at

Over the years the owner/operator, Michelle who loves to laugh at everything especially her own mishaps, had stitched over 200 samples since 1992 to illustrate the finished product. We are talking embroidered 30" square table cloths to counted cross stitch pictures and hardanger pieces which have been finished into a wide variety of items. As the retail store no longer exists, Michelle, who currently lives like a hoarder and needs to make room at the inn (her house), wants to sell the samples which she stitched. In addition, she is now taking smocking lessons and has been turning out smocked baby bishops with a passion"

Here are some lovely treasuries made by the team that have been inspired by GThreads.  LoveNYarn - Outstanding Orange  Me - The Good Life buttonalia - She's a Rocker with Heart and intentionalglass - Pale

Sunday, April 8, 2012

April 8th CavemanPottery

Today on the daily listing club we are featuring Caveman Pottery  Here you will find  roosters, eggheads, longneck roosters,and the very popular anti-soggy soapdishes. Caveman Pottery says 'all of our items are hand built or hand turned. Lots of love goes into the making and packaging of every piece. We have somewhat of an eclectic style when it comes to life which you will see in our artwork. Keep checking back with us because we are always adding new things!'

Here are some treasuries made by the team that are inspired by CavemanPottery. For the Caveman made by buttonalia LoveNYarn , Let's have some Wine FrogHollowGlass, With A Sense of Humor
GThreads - Hand Made Is The Game intentionalglass - Mostly Roosters and I made Down At The Farm

Saturday, April 7, 2012

April 7th Fibrous

The member to be featured today is Fibrous who creates quirky felted critters They've been handsculpted out of soft merino wool. Each wool sculptures are one-of-a-kind, each with their own personality.

Fibrous says "I've always loved fiber. I started my crafting love with a huge latch rug kit I never finished. Then I started doing cross stitch, then plastic canvas work, crochet, knitting, etc. I still knit, but the art of need felting has taken over.

I'm originally from Los Angeles, lived in the UK for the past 4 years, and have just arrived back home to the USA"

Here are some treasuries made by the team inspired by Fibrous GThreads - So Cuddly and Warm Hearted, LoveNYarn - Stonehenge and all Things English and one from me Fun and Quirky

April 6th LoveNYarn

Today in the Daily Listing Club we are featuring a lovely lady, LoveNYarn. In her Etsy shop you will find some exquisite hand knitted scarves, hats, gloves, purses and sweaters for adults, babies and children. There are also knitting supplies if you want a go yourself. New to the shop are some charming Rockwell figurines.

LoveNYarn says 'I learned to knit from my mother who kept all of us in the most beautiful sweaters anyone could hope to have, yet they were always warm and practical. She also made hats and mittens. I started knitting when I was about ten. When my six children started coming along, mom kept them all in baby items, sweaters, hats, etc. since I was too busy to knit. Now, I've 14 grandchildren who all call me "Memere". so I took up my needles again and haven't stopped. Over the past 20 years, they've loved to come up with new ideas for me to create for them, and I enjoy the challenges. But I owe all the creativity and inspiration to my mom.

As I've gotten older, my love affair with yarn has only increased. My "stash" seems to want to take over my house, I keep thinking some day I may make a dent in it, but I know it won't happen. I always have several projects going, at least one intricate, some regular and some just for fun'

Here are a selection of items from LoveNYarns shop.

Here are some treasuries created by the team, first a special treasury for LoveNYarns grandaughter who has cancer created by naturepoet, love n yarn by IntentionalGlass, GThreads created Most Important Is Family, I made a treasury called Keep Warm An Cosy  Pixiebonejewelry made one called For The Ladies and FrogHollowGlass  made Love & Yarn

Thursday, April 5, 2012

5th April 4GetMeNotTreasures

Today is the turn of our fearless leader, captain 4GetMeNotTreasures to be featured and promoted for the day. Dee has kept the team going, especially when we lost our home in the Etsy forums. In this lovely Etsy shop you will find vintage treasures and heirlooms. I also love the handmade diorama eggs and cross stitch pictures.

Dee says "I’ve always loved collecting things. I’ve been collecting ever since I can remember – and the older I get, the worse the compulsion is. It’s in the genes. My Grandmother & Grand Aunt were both “antiquers” – well… aunt collected just about anything. And…my Mom collected anything AND everything & this apple did not fall far from that tree!

Add to the collecting bug that I am an extreme sentimentalist – or as some would say – a pack rat. I save just about everything! I love junk…it almost always turns out to be quite the treasure (at least in my eyes). In my spare time (what little I have) I like to craft (usually using some “junk”), cross stitch & garden (where you’ll see more “junk”). 
Mom and I loved to shop flea markets, second-hand stores, antique stores, garage sales and – auctions (you’ve got the idea!). She had so many plans for us and our collecting frenzies but unfortunately passed on before we could see any of it come to fruition together.

4Get-Me-Not Treasures is in a sense, a tribute to mom. Her favorite flower, combined with the promise that I will forget-her¬-not – nor the promises, dreams, and times we shared. She and I can still work together side-by-side while in different worlds. What more could anyone ask for?"

Some awesome treasuries created by the team inspired by Dee. Forget Me Not Treasures by Intenational Glass, Elegance in Black and Gold by LoveNYarn, A Tribute To A Great Captain by GThreads, Forget Me Not by FrogHollowGlass, another Forget Me Not by lisajhoney and Shades Of Green by masterymixedmedia

4th April Mystuff2

Today the featured member in the Daily Listing Club is mystuff2,  a valued member of the team who has rejoined us which i'm so happy about. If you browse her shop you will find some delighful photo images which have been made into bookmarks, mini cards and notecards. My favourite image is Debbie Downer, it brings a smile to my face.

In mystuff2's profile she says "I used to say I was going to learn to watercolor "when I grow up" because I love the medium and have collected prints and cards for years, but sadly, I'm fully grown now (and then some!) and I don't think it's meant to be. So I continue to admire the artistry of others while I focus on photography.

I've been fortunate enough to be able to travel, which provides me with lots of subjects, and to train with award-winning photographers in several states, which has brought me different perspectives and skill sets. I've found that a glance at a photo can take me away to a special time or place, and it's my hope that some of these photos can do that for you, too."

Some of the treasuries made by the team that have been inspired by mystuff2, City of Lights by LoveNYarn, Sunshine Flowers by me, Beautiful Blue by IntentionalGlass and DLC Inspiration by DorsetHillBeads
Here are some of my favourite images:

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

3rd April Naturepoet

Today the member of the day is  naturepoet I love the selection of goodies on display. You can find  vintage cups and saucers, figurines and shaving mugs. There is also a lovely selection of digital images and custom tile coasters. Naturepoet has been in the daily listing team for a while now and is a great asset always ready to help. Here are some treasuries inspired by this lovely lady, I made a treasury based on a poem about April , pixiebonejewelry based a treasury on one of naturepoets handmade pillows a treasury from LoveNYarn on being prepared for Easter and another Easter themed treasury by Intentional Glass.

Monday, April 2, 2012

2nd April Earthsparksdesign

Today the daily listing club is featuring EarthsparksDesign who says 'I like the play of light and pattern I get by mixing gemstones, crystals, glass, shells, and a variety of metals and other elements.Everything I have made is made with love and honor for the stones and materials I am using, as well as you, my customers. I want you to be as happy wearing and owning my designs as I am in creating them'

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Daily Listing Club Anniversary

Its the 2 year anniversary for the daily listing club and we're having a celebration all through April. The team has grown over the 2 years and now not only do we try and list daily if we can and improve our etsy shops we also support each other when good and bad things happen in life

For the month of April we have some fun things planned and also we are featuring/promoting a member each day. the first to be featured is redbirdjewellery the founder of the daily listing club.
Here are some treasuries that have been made by members inspired by our founder. Foundations made by LoveNYarn, Birds of a feather by me, Helping Hands For Etsy Friendships byGThreads, Red Bird In Silver by IntentionalGlass and This Copper Earth by pixiebonejewelry

Here are some items I love from redbirdjewelry's shop