Monday, September 19, 2011

Facebook Giveaway

To celebrate reaching 500 fans on Facebook i'm doing a giveaway

Post on my facebook page what felt food you would like to see me make. I will pick a random answer who can choose an item in my shop worth up to $15 NZ before postage (thats about $12.65 US)

Here is my newest item i've made for my shop, lemon meringue pie

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Trip To the UK

In July we travelled to the UK for 6 weeks. We had an awesome time visitng family and doing all the 'tourist' things. We spent one week in Hastings, a long weekend in Dublin, 3 weeks in Torquay then back to Hastings for 10 days. The first week we travelled to London and went to The Doctor Who Experience at Olympia. My daughter and I are big Dr Who fans and really enjoyed ourselves. We were hoping to see Much Ado About Nothing with Davis Tennant and Catherine Tate, but they were fully booked.

Dublin was wonderful and we stayed with my cousin and family. In Torquay we spent some quiet time with my mum and brother. We managed to visit Plymouth, Totnes and went on the boat to Brixham. Back in Hastings lots of hectic family gatherings and a visit to London to The National Gallery and Tate Modern. It was the week of the riots and the train to london was very quiet. london was business as usual.

My cousins wife has a, Etsy shop and I helped her to tweak listings etc. I'm hoping she can get some sales. While there she knitted me some gorgeous wrist warmers a new edition to her shop.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bridge To Nowhere

My husband and I just got back from the most amazing weekend, we would definately recommend this if you ever go to visit New Zealand. We decided on a treat for our 18th wedding anniversary and chose to go on a bit of an adventure. We finally settled on The Bridge To Nowhere tour, doesn't it sound mysterious?

We settled on the package for The Lodge and a canoeing adventure

Arriving at Pipiriki we got on the jet boat for an 1hrs ride up the Whanganui River. The guide pointed out areas of interest such as how high the flood of 1904 got and where the film River Queen was filmed. Our guide said he regularly ferried actors and crew up the river in the jet boat.

We arrived at our destination for a 40 minute walk to The Bridge To Nowhere It was built across the deep Mangapurua Gorge to provide access to an area where the government was opening up land in 1917 for pioneering farmers, mainly soldiers who had returned from World War I. The intention was to build roads to it later, but the area proved to be so remote and unsuitable for farming that the venture failed and the farms reverted to native bush.

We then boarded our canoe for a 2 hour paddle down to The Lodge. This was great practice for the next day. The Lodge was in a beautiful setting with gorgeous views over the river. Our room had a balcony where we could sit and take in the spectacular scenery. After some cheese and crackers we had some dinner overlooking the river and then a relaxing evening. There are plenty of walks around the property and various animals such as horses, llamas, peacocks and an emu.

The next day we set off for our half day of canoeing down the river. There was hardly any traffic with only three jet boats speeding past us. There was only the noise of the birds and the odd bleat of a goat. At times we were surrounded on both sides by steep cliffs and beautiful waterfalls. We pulled up to a flat area to have our lunch and my husband explored the caves. There were a few rapids which were a bit scary but I was proud of myself for managing them. There was one that was a bit too violent which we avoided. The canoeing took us 5 hours and we arrived home exhausted and happy