Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Cute Crochet by MelanieGanson

I've joined a listing club on Etsy and the aim is to list one item per day. We also check each others listings and give helpful hints and encouragement. I've been listing nearly every day for about a month now in either of my shops and the comments from other members has really helped me in listing my items and encouraged me

Every now and then i'll feature one of the members on my blog. I've found some awesome shops and have traded with a few members and purchased from a few

Todays feature is melanieganson who makes awesome crochet items. These include dress up hats, cute beanies, crochet food, washcloths to name a few

I've actually ordered a few items as presents for little ones. The cupcake hat is adorable and will be given to a friend who has just had a little girl and the red hat with flower is going to my three year old niece.
Crochet is on my list of what i'd like to learn, in fact a friend is coming to see me on Thursday and attempt to teach me. I'm quite amazed at the amazing items that can be crocheted

Sunday, July 11, 2010


I've been busy stocking up my new Etsy shop and have listed some more necklaces and earings. I find it quite soothing making jewelry. Some good news, a local shop spotted me on Etsy and asked for me to sell some of my items in their shop. I have a few now stocked in their shop and will see how it goes. I'm quite obsessed with buying jewelry items now and have to hold myself back till i've sold some more items

The steampunk owl is a particular favourite of mine