Friday, June 21, 2013

A Mad Hatters Tea Party

Yay! We finally have a moving in day Monday 1st July, can't wait to get all my goodies out of storage and get sewing again. We haven't seen our furniture and boxes since February 20th. The garden is a blank canvas, just lawn at the moment, my husband can't wait to get stuck in making it look nice with lots of flowers. Went for a job interview this morning so hoping I will hear something positive next week. They want someone ASAP so if I get the job I could be starting the day after we move into the house.

When we get settled my daughter and I want to have a mad hatters tea party with some friends. I found some great ideas on Pinterest.

Love this tea stand

These look fun

Would love to have a go at making these fun cupcakes

Some invitations

A bit beyond me

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gifts In A Jar Ideas

Loving looking on Pinterest for crafty ideas I want to try. The gifts in a jar are such a great idea as you can really got to town on the decoration. I've found a few of my favourite ideas I want to make up as gifts.

I love this spa in a jar idea. You could add a fun label with ribbon. Some ideas for the contents could be mini lotions, soaps, foot scrubs etc. Lip balms, nail varnish, face masks, mini bath bombs, bath bags, soft flannel, and some yummy chocolates and sachet of hot chocolate.

How about this housewarming gift jar found on this blog. You could add some hand soap, labels, dish towels, chocolate, dishwashing sponges, small jar of jam, cupcake liners, recipe, paper clips, sweets, measuring tape, magnets, superglue.

Lots of ideas for a baby shower gift jar. I love this one by Marythekaytheblog You could add baby wash cloths, dummy, socks, booties, mittens, rubber duck, mini baby shampoo, lotion, baby vest,.

The easiest jar for me to put together would be a jar for a fellow crafter. I found this one on Prettify Your Life You could add ribbon, mini stamps, brads, pens, inks, cut out shapes, pins, flowers, embroidery thread, buttons, beads, charm, jewels, fabric...

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Free Felt Pattern and Tutorials

I'm feeling the urge to get sewing again. I'll be making some felt food but would also like to try something new. I went to a local houseware shop today Dunelm Mill which when we move will only be about a ten minute walk away. Upstairs I found treasure, a sewing and craft section. I think I will definately be a regular customer.

I found this cute Felt Chickadee Ornament pattern I would love to sew

Don't you love these gorgeous Owl Ornaments? If you want a plushie just make them bigger

I love these Felt Pom Poms, you could make them in a rainbow of colours or maybe colour coordinate them, pink red and white would look great together

This mouse in a pumpkin tutorial looks like more of a challenge
Some more free patterns I found on the web

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Awesome Storage Ideas

Moving into our new home very soon and been cheking out Pinterest for fun and practical storage ideas. I didn't realise there were so many great ideas. I'm hoping to have a little craft corner and found this set up, I would love to create soemthing similar.

I love this idea for stairs
These are a great idea for the bathroom
I love the idea of transforming an Armoire to a linen cupboard