Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Simpsons

A custom order from etsy
I was asked to have a go at making a doughnut inspired by The Simpsons. I enjoyed making it and finished it this afternoon. I don't have any long beads in primary colours so used small pieces of felt and sewed them on. I didn't want to use glue as i tend to get in a mess and they may fall of anyway. I found working with small pieces of acrylic felt better as wool felt tends to go fluffy.
I also had a nice surprise today as an etsy member used a picture of my felt pancakes in her treasury.
Update on Jack, his tail was fine the next day. We think he may have slept on it and thats why it was a bit bent and sore. My husband says i baby him too much. I worry about him nearly as much as the children. Yes i'm one of the mothers who texts the children when they're 5 minutes late getting off the school bus

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jack has lost his wag

For some unknown reason poor Jack has lost his wag. His tail is normally upright, but since yesterday his tail is hanging down and looks a bit bent. He's still wagging his tail but not as much. We're giving it a couple of days, but if its still the same its a trip to the vets. I gave him a bone shaped chew as a treat, he ate half then buried the rest in the garden amongst some flowers i'd recently planted.

Its been very hot lately, which i'm not used to coming from the UK. Most of the afternoon I had the fan on full blast. Its been snowing in England and the thoughts of putting my feet in snow sounds like bliss!

Today i made my first food with a face item. I made a piece of toast smothered with chocolate spread. He's not too happy as someones had a bite! I've set up a swap on swap-bot for food with faces, but i'm having a go at selling Mr Toast on Etsy to see if there's interest. My daughter has fallen in love with him, so i said i'd make one for her too.

I may try to make a pattern of Mr Toast to sell on Etsy so far I've sold two monster patterns and one Russian doll pattern. Its really nice to think of someone making something from a pattern i've made.

Here is a photo of Mr Toast

Monday, February 9, 2009

At Last!

Well after a few frustrating hours i figured out how to add the flickr and etsy photos. I thought i was going to have to ask for help from one of my online friends, but i did it. The etsy one was so easy i felt rather stupid!

I had a go today at making some DIY Kimono Girls. Nicc79 from Swap-bot bought me the pattern from etsy. They look quite good and will make nice bookmarks. Just got to get the faces right.

Tomorrow i'm hoping for a quiet crafting day and make some more goodies for my etsy shop. I'm going to make some felt pancakes with blueberries and cream and two more owl needlecases.

I hate watching the news at the moment with the devastating fires in Austrialia. Nearly 100 dead so far. I'm in an Australia and New Zealand group on Swap-bot, so i'm hpoing that everyone is ok.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Blog

Well this is the first part of my blog. I've been busy making felt food for etsy and i've just finished three yummy doughnuts, which i'll be listing soon.

As i sit here at my computer my faithful dog Jack is laying at my feet, having a great dream as his legs are going crazy. He's part foxy terrier and we think maybe whippet. He came to live with us last May as his family were moving to Australia. When we got him he was a year and a half old, so we missed the puppy stage. Maybe thats a good thing! He settled in very quickly and is now a pampered pooch