Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Time To Play - Felt Food Wedding Cake

I finally finished my felt food wedding cake. Many hours work but i'm really pleased with it. Each tier is split into slices which are have small pieces of velcro on to hold them together. Inside the slice you can see the layer of icing and marzipan. On top is a layer of icing and topped with roses to decorate. I'm letting the customer choose the colour of roses they would like.

I can just picture a little one handing out plates of wedding cake to her little "guests" I also thought it would make a great centrepiece for a bridal shower.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Free Gift for 200th sale on Etsy

I've had 198 sales on etsy. To celerbrate my 200th sale i'll be sending a free gift. For felt food items a cupcake, for needlecases and fabric i'll send a hanging felt ornament and for the patterns a free pattern.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Cheese and Crackers

My latest challenge, cheese and crackers, with grapes for a touch of greenery. I'm thinking of trying out a few more cheeses for variety. I've got a few pictures of real cheese off google, now to figure out how to make them out of felt. The wheel of brie was a bit of a challenge because of the shape. I ended up reinforcing it with card to hold the shape. One of my weaknesses is cheese and crackers topped with pickle, yummy!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bread and Jam

I've been busy sewing this week. I'm in the middle of making a felt wedding cake and just finished various projects. I love this bread and jam set. A half loaf with two slices of bread and three spreads, butter, jam and chocolate. I can just imagine a little one playing with this set, pretending to butter the bread and giving the slices of bread to Mr Bear.

I'm putting a set of felt food together for my niece. I was in a soft picnic set swap and was hoping to receive some items that I could include to give to her, but due to some difficulties with the swap, i'm not sure if I will receive these now. I have two little doughnuts that I received from Ann from Harvest Moon By Hand in a swap a while ago, that i will include for her. I'm also going to make some bread with various spreads and a couple of little cakes. She'll be three in January so I think she's nearly old enough for them now.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

FFEST Treasury - Gifts For Mamma

Just a quick post, i managed to snag a treasury for the FFEST (Facebook Fans On Etsy)

A selection of items that i would love to give to my mum who lives in the UK. I'm hoping she'll be coming out for a visit (I live in New Zealand) in January. My lovely husband has kindly offered to pay for half her air fare, which i'll be surprising her with when i next phone her up!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Featured Etsy Seller - In My Head Studios

Today i'm featuring a fellow FFEST member who makes beautiful scrabble tile and domino pendants and exquisite glass collage pendants. Vicki is also happy to use custom artwork too. Now there are an awful lot of scrabble tile and domino pendants on etsy but these certainly stand out as unique. I love the detail and the charms.

You can find Vicki at:

her Etsy Shop and blog

Here are four of my favourites: