Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nappy/Diaper Cake

Well, here is the nappy cake i've just finished for my friends baby shower. She loves Beatrix Potter, hence Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny. This is my second cake and i think this one looks a lot better.

Its made from about 60 rolled newborn nappies, a baby bottle in the middle holding it together, then decorated with ribbons, little cut outs and soft toys. As i rolled each nappy i held it together with an elastic band, then tied with white thread, taking of the elastic band. Each circle of nappies was tied with white elastic.

Monday, April 27, 2009


We took the children on a surprise weekend away to Rotorua. We told the children the night before, but my daughter had found a bag full of yummy food and had figured out something was happenning.

As soon as you enter the town, the smell hits you, rotton eggs, but you sort of get used to it. Drove past the local park that has areas of bubbling mud and steam rising up from the ground. These areas are cordoned off. Some of the hotels have their own natural mineral spas in their backyard, cool! We stayed in a lodge that has their own little farm that the kids loved. Two lively dalmations, 2 minature ponies, a pig, a few sheep and cows and 2 alpacas. My daughter soon learnt all their names.

The first full day we visited a 3D maze and i got thoroughly lost. You had to find your way to all four coloured corners, then find your way out again. The children finished quickly! We then had a go at mini golf, then up the skyline gondala thing and had a go on the luge. I was following my daughter who was going very fast. I dread to think of her learning to drive! We then found somewhere to eat dinner and then bliss! The polynesian spa!

The next day we spent the morning looking at the farmers market in the park then had a close up look at the bubbling mud and steam. The afternoon an hours pony trek looking at the awesome scenery. In the evening we went to the local swimming pool and i had a relax in the spa. Packed quite a lot into the weekend, definately recommend it for a visit. I'm hoping my mum is coming out next January, so i saved some good places to visit with her.

The children went back to school today so i've been tidying the house. Why are boys such grubs! My 14 year old son has the habit of laying on the 2 seater sofa with his legs hanging over the arm and the sofa cover is filthy.

Once i've caught up i hope to make some more needlecases for my etsy shop. I've made some new patterns up i want to try out. I've also just finished a diaper cake for my friends baby shower. I'll add the photo soon.