Saturday, January 9, 2010

Natural Living - Part 2

First my Princess Nimble Thimble dolls came today and they are adorable, even better in real life. My daughter squealed in delight when she saw her doll

Early this morning my dog took fright to the smoke alarm beeping and ran in our bedroom and had a wee in fright. I looked up in my book and sprinkled baking soda on the mess. This should remove the odour and moisture . I'll clean it up later and see how it goes.

The shower gel worked out well. The only problem is its quite runny, so we have to be careful and not squirt out too much!

I had a go at washing my hair with baking soda and rinsing with white vinegar. It actually was much better than i thought and makes your hair feel really clean. The smell of vinegar didn't last too long. My husband and daughter had a go too. Its meant to work really well for dandruff.

We have a really musty cupboard which stores shoes and tents etc. I've had a few items go mouldy. On a programme on the Living Channel called Lush House they suggested hanging up sticks of chalks in the cupboard and airing them outside once a week. The chalks should soak up the moisture in the air. They can be used indefinately.
I cleared everything out of the cupboard and sprinkled a mixture of equal parts of wheat bran and baking soda onto the carpet. After a while i vacuumed it up. Since then the cupboard doesn't seem as musty as it was. Just looks wierd with chalks hanging up in it!

We found another use for baking soda. My daughter made some toffee and it was stuck fast to the saucepan. We heated up some water in the pan with some baking soda, after a while tipped out the water and the saucepan was left lovely and clean.

I've been trying to find a way to soften my towels in the washing machine without having to use fabric softener. So far the best option has been doing a final rinse with white vinegar. I still have a couple of towels that are very hard still though.

We're going camping next week, when i get back home i'm going to have a go at making laundry detergent. I'll let you know how it goes.

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gg said...

Fabric softener should never be used on actually makes them feel rougher/harder because the softener chemicals coat the fibers and build up. I assume you used to use fabric softener on your towels? If so, that's why they feel hard. Coincidentally, the best thing to use to remove the coating is white vinegar. After a few washings, you should be able to discontinue the vinegar.

To "fluff" your towels naturally, shake them out one by one as you put them into the dryer. Then give them a quick shake when you take them out. I've never used fabric softener on my towels and they are perfectly soft.