Thursday, January 28, 2010

Camping Holiday - Raglan - New Zealand

Got back on the weekend from our camping holiday. Raglan is a surfing hot spot in New Zealand. My husband had a go at surfing on the last day and we even saw four of the All Blacks having a go at surfing on one of the beaches. Beautiful weather all week, one day of rain. We came back from a lovely lunch to find our tents living area was a pond. Luckily nothing was ruined.

One day we hired some double kayaks and went to the other side of the peninsula. Lots of caves and lush greenery. It was so peaceful and beautiful. My sister-in-law and I left some of the rowing to the men. My son was on his own in our kayak. It was our wedding anniversary on the 16th (17 years) so we left the children with the family and went our for a romantic dinner. After dinner we had a walk along Whale Bay.

Back home and lots of washing and finding homes again for our camping gear. Sam and Holly start school next week, so we bought my daughters uniform this week (ouch) She starts High School. My son is starting year 11. Here in New Zealand we have to buy all the books as well as stationary.

I haven't really got into the swing of sewing again yet. I'll wait till the kids are back at school. I want to make some more boxes of chocolates and sushi. Here is a cake i've just finished for Swap-Bot. I left it the the last minute to finish (it has to be sent by the 30th)

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Emmy said...

Looks like a great trip! Glad you had fun and got to have a nice dinner for your anniversary.