Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Simpsons

A custom order from etsy
I was asked to have a go at making a doughnut inspired by The Simpsons. I enjoyed making it and finished it this afternoon. I don't have any long beads in primary colours so used small pieces of felt and sewed them on. I didn't want to use glue as i tend to get in a mess and they may fall of anyway. I found working with small pieces of acrylic felt better as wool felt tends to go fluffy.
I also had a nice surprise today as an etsy member used a picture of my felt pancakes in her treasury.
Update on Jack, his tail was fine the next day. We think he may have slept on it and thats why it was a bit bent and sore. My husband says i baby him too much. I worry about him nearly as much as the children. Yes i'm one of the mothers who texts the children when they're 5 minutes late getting off the school bus

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AsiaValentina said...

Hehe I love the doughnut! It's super cute :)