Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Jack has lost his wag

For some unknown reason poor Jack has lost his wag. His tail is normally upright, but since yesterday his tail is hanging down and looks a bit bent. He's still wagging his tail but not as much. We're giving it a couple of days, but if its still the same its a trip to the vets. I gave him a bone shaped chew as a treat, he ate half then buried the rest in the garden amongst some flowers i'd recently planted.

Its been very hot lately, which i'm not used to coming from the UK. Most of the afternoon I had the fan on full blast. Its been snowing in England and the thoughts of putting my feet in snow sounds like bliss!

Today i made my first food with a face item. I made a piece of toast smothered with chocolate spread. He's not too happy as someones had a bite! I've set up a swap on swap-bot for food with faces, but i'm having a go at selling Mr Toast on Etsy to see if there's interest. My daughter has fallen in love with him, so i said i'd make one for her too.

I may try to make a pattern of Mr Toast to sell on Etsy so far I've sold two monster patterns and one Russian doll pattern. Its really nice to think of someone making something from a pattern i've made.

Here is a photo of Mr Toast

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Holly Loves Art said...

Thanks so much for popping by my blog. Your JACK is beautiful. I hope his tail can get fixed. :) I love your Etsy items... going there now to add you as my favorite.

All my best,