Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Baby Sea Turtle Fabric

I bought this gorgeous fabric yesterday as it reminds me of my trip to Hawaii. We saw one turtle while snorkelling on the Island of Oahu and then we spent a week on the Big Island. On one of the beaches we went in the water and there were lots, and i mean lots of turtles, we had to be really careful we didn't trip over them. We were trying to keep put their way but they kept coming up near to us. It was a truly amazing experience. On our way back to the hotel after spending the day travelling round the island, we stopped off for a walk along a beach and saw a turtle on the sand. It was getting dark so we couldn't get a photo.

I'm going to make the material into a wall hanging and i'm hoping to embellish the material with small seed beads etc. I had to get a metre and only need a quarter, so i'm selling the rest on etsy. I'll post a photo of the wall hanging when i've finished, it will probably take me a while though!

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Rose Works Jewelry said...

That's really cute fabric - and what a cool story!