Friday, June 5, 2009

Time Flies....

At last here i am. Can't believe that nearly a month has flown by. We've got a replacement computer at last, but not a brand new one. A friends reconditioned computer, unfortunately its just as slow as the old one. Very frustrating, especially when you're hooked on The Farm on facebook and have lots of fields to plow and grow seeds. The time i've wasted on it.

Last friday went to a craft show with my daughter and a friend. Holly's school had a teacher only day. Bought some Munchy seeds and spices for mulled wine. Lots of food tastings on offer. Didn't end of buying a lot of craft stuff, just a tiara embossing stencil and some gold and silver border peel offs. Holly bought some special pens.

Went to my friends baby shower on Saturday and she loved the nappy cake. Played lots of silly games and ate lots of yummy food. Tried something new. A prune wrapped in a piece of bacon, sounds wierd, but its very yummy. She only has 7 weeks to go now!

Just set up a new swap on Swap-bot, soft food picnic items. Sandwich, wrap or burger, piece if fruit or 2 slices of fruit, snack item, a cake, doughnut or 2 cookies plus one own choice item. Also a picnic cloth. I've made three items so far...

I'm hoping to add a tutorial for felt doughnuts in the next couple of weeks, so watch this space!
I bought a t-shirt for Jack, which hubby wasn't too happy with. he thinks i'm turning him into a woosey dog! Well, he's got to be warm hasn't he? Here's a photo

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