Monday, May 11, 2009

Fruit and Sushi

Well, I've been really busy with etsy. My latest creation is a selection of fruit slices to go in a felt fruit salad, I don't think i'll be making too many as they're really fiddly. I got some images from google for inspiration plus had a look in my fruit bowl. I'm not really into eating fruit, i wish i liked it more, i really hate bananas. There are a couple of fruits i hadn't heard of before till i moved to New Zealand. Feijoa and tamarillos. Not too keen though!
Got a couple of awesome swap packages in the post last week. I'm in a fake food group on Swap-bot and joined a soft sushi swap and beginners swap. I received a felt chocolate ice lolly and some gorgeous crochet sushi.
Couldn't resist this gorgeous sock bunny from Trinketys new etsy shop. Perfect present for my auntie in England. She has two more cute sock bunnies available and more soon.

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