Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bread and Jam

I've been busy sewing this week. I'm in the middle of making a felt wedding cake and just finished various projects. I love this bread and jam set. A half loaf with two slices of bread and three spreads, butter, jam and chocolate. I can just imagine a little one playing with this set, pretending to butter the bread and giving the slices of bread to Mr Bear.

I'm putting a set of felt food together for my niece. I was in a soft picnic set swap and was hoping to receive some items that I could include to give to her, but due to some difficulties with the swap, i'm not sure if I will receive these now. I have two little doughnuts that I received from Ann from Harvest Moon By Hand in a swap a while ago, that i will include for her. I'm also going to make some bread with various spreads and a couple of little cakes. She'll be three in January so I think she's nearly old enough for them now.


Emmy said...

That is sooo cute!!!

Theresechallitat said...

i adore your work :) it's edible:)